Hello and Help!

Hi all,

New to openHAB, but not HA in general! I am really struggling to get my head around the initial setup of OpenHAB, and hoping I could afford some help me to get my underway!

Home mainly consists of Tellstick Net controlled devices (Although I will be building some MQTT devices in the future). As I use Tellstick Net, It seems I will need to use the beta Tellstick Binding written by @jarlebh however I have no clue how to install this!

I have got OpenHAB2 up and running, well - of sorts on an Ubuntu VM. Where I get stuck is how I get the specific version of tellstick 2.0.0 installed?

I have so far done the following:

  • installed OpenHAB in /opt/openHAB
  • copied tellstick JAR from above link into ./addons
  • edited ./conf/services/addons.cfg and added ‘tellstick’ into the binding = line
  • started OpenHAB (sudo ./start.sh)

The Web interface seems quite buggy but I’d expect that for beta - however whilst I can see some plugins, I do not see anything for tellstick (only that it’s installed)…

I still need to get my head around the setup of the things etc. My idea would be to have a trigger from my phone along with sunset to trigger lights etc.

Also is there a working harmony add-on for OpenHAB 2 yet?

Thanks in advance!