Tellstick - Request for rain meter support


I’m using the OpenHAB 2 Tellstick binding to get my sensors from Telldus Live. But noticed that it lacks support for my Oregon Rain meter, it shows up as a thermometer and humidity sensor.

In OpenHAB 1 I used a python script to get the sensor values and update items in OpenHAB, but it would be nice to have this integrated into the binding instead.

The valuenames are rrate which equals mm/h rain at the moment and rtot which equals total amount of measured rain in mm. The battery value would also be nice to have.

This is the json output from

Thanks in advance.

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Tommy Herman

This has very recently been discussed here: Tellstick binding for OpenHab2

Guess we’d better ping @jarlebh here as well :wink:

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@tommyherman Just so you don’t miss it, this has been fixed now, check the thread I linked above :smile:

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@DanielMalmgren Thank you for the heads up :grinning: