"Temperature [%.1f °C]" error in sitemap the "°" is not properly displayed

This is a quick one but I cannot find it in documentation

As many I am using in my sitemap the following expression
“Temperature [%.1f °C]”

but in sitemap the “°” in front of the C is getting wrongly displayed
I see a grey “?” instead. What is wrong with it I copied it from documentationto avoid a wrong letter but doesn´t help

What OS, oH and java-version do you use for oH?
What browser?

I have played around on my Android devices using the app OpenHab and using Chrome, in all cases the “°” isn’t displayed correctly

Try windows or IOS and/or BasicUI/ClassicUI toi see what happens?

Try this one:


Hi Vincent,
Is this a different sign you are using?
This is what I am using and the “°” isn´t displayed

There are several unicode characters the one I posted works for me. Maybe yours is different. Maybe…

I have copied but same stupid erros, OK not so important I will just remove the “°” and leave the C only


Try this one:

You have to save your *.sitemap file as UTF-8, I had the same issue and that did the trick