Temperature graph of item not shown of overview page

Using OpenHab 3.2.

I am unable to display a widget with a graph for a (homematic IP) temperature sensor on my overview page. Other graphs are showing fine, but not for this item. The temperature value is being shown as expected:

When I click on the widget to see the details, the graphs show correctly for the different time periods, so the data is there.

I added the widget like the other ones that work, selected the point of the item for the actual temperature, the widgets is being displayed but the graph is missing. If I do the exact same thing for example for the item/point you see on the bottom of the screenshot it works.

Here is the YAML of the temperature widget:

component: oh-label-card
  trendItem: TempsensorXY_ActualTemperature
  action: analyzer
    - TempsensorXY_ActualTemperature
  item: TempsensorXY_ActualTemperature

I believe the issue started, after I switched my persistence service from RRD4j to influxDB2. I have not added any extra configuration for influxDB (e.g. “…extra tags for item category, label or type can be added fore each point”).

Any ideas why this is happening?