Temperature humid zwave Sigma Designs M417_9E

Hi, I have a problem with configuration M417_9E, im found device on site
but i don’t understand where/how i should addition.

temperature humid zwave Sigma Designs M417_9E

os: Debian Habmin 2.2

 root@Traccar:/var/lib/openhab2# ls
cache   etc     jsondb  log        persistence  uuid
config  habmin  kar     myopenhab  tmp          zwave
root@Traccar:/var/lib/openhab2/zwave# ls
1.xml  node1.xml  node2.xml  node3.xml  node4.xml  node7.xml

I’ll add this to the binding, but this is likely not an approved zwave device so it might have problems.

Thx, when You addition please tell me, i think its very interesting sensor because it has nice design and it’s cheap 24$ from Ali


any news? Anyone have any idea?

Also just tried to include one of those sensors. Looking forward to see those devices running.

Me too, but probably this device it’s working great with fibaro…


Any news?

Well, if you want news, there’s always CNN, but I guess that’s not what you want? :wink: What is the actual question?

hehe, How can I run it? or maybe You know which remote sensor will be work with oh2

I think this device is contained in the binding already, so it should be detected. However, if you haven’t purchased this already, I would not recommend it as I’m reasonably sure it’s not an approved device which might cause problems at some point.

There are many devices available - the binding contains around 620 at the moment. You can do a search here.

I just bought this item, or at least something with exactly the same face. Mine is branded DOMUX with model no DX1HT-Z, but in the end I believe both the Sigma Designs M417_9E and mine are just rebrands for HS1HT manufactured by Heiman Technologies (http://www.heimantech.com/product/86.html).

I requested info on Amazon to DOMUX FRANCE who replied “Le produit est certifié Z-Wave plus EU 868.42MHz” - “The product is certified Z-Wave plus EU 868.42MHz”.

Nonetheless, I have the same issue: the item is listed as “Unknown Device” (no XML file is generated).

Can you help in setting this up (Or, can I help in providing back info?)

Make sure to wake it up to see if the xml is generated. If it’s not, then we need a debug log to see what is happening.

The problem with these devices is they are not properly registered and I suspect are not certified and for that reason I wou,d recommend to avoid them as getting them working properly may be problematic.

Thanks Chris for your support, even on xmas day! :slight_smile: The item was detected as node3 but no xml was generated. After another three wake cycles, it finally generated the XML: as expected, the device is detected as Heiman HS1HT.

Problem is, now all the channels are reported as NaN:

I’ll wait a couple of refreshes and see what happens.

Ok - actually after the first refresh everything T & H signals works properly, the battery level is still failing…

In the logs, only two channels have been updated:

2017-12-25 23:55:30.368 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - gTemperature changed from NULL to 22.9 through Studio_Temperature
2017-12-25 23:55:30.375 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Studio_Temperature changed from NULL to 22.9
2017-12-25 23:55:31.509 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Studio_Humidity changed from NULL to 51.25
2017-12-25 23:55:31.514 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - gHumidity changed from NULL to 51.25 through Studio_Humidity
2017-12-25 23:55:32.952 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing ‘zwave:device:fda67070:node3’ has been updated.

Ok, that’s good - this version might be a bit more official… Ones that are detected as Sigma Designs are likely to be the problematic ones…

Is it updated yet? It takes longer to update the battery.

It took some time to update, but after few hours it did:

2017-12-25 23:20:19.138 [.ItemChannelLinkAddedEvent] - Link ‘StudioTH_BatteryLevel-zwave:device:fda67070:node3:battery-level’ has been added.
2017-12-26 08:15:17.222 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - StudioTH_BatteryLevel changed from NULL to 44

This one seems to be working properly (it’s just a bit funny that it came brand new with such a low battery, but it was really cheap - half of the price of other sensors).