Temperature sensor for measuring the swimming pool temperature

Does anybody know any waterproof battery powered temperature sensors, which I can use with openhab? For example with z-wave or any other bindings?
I want to measure the water temperatur of the swimmingpool. For that I want to use a battery powered device…

thanks for your suggestions

With a waterproof DHT22 sensor should do the job
Get the ESP to publish to MQTT and you’re done.

@Harphme I use DS18B20 sensors in moulded plastic on my pool and spa with heatshrink over the cable and sensor to protect the cable where it exits the sensor from pool chemical damage. I feed this into an Adafruit Huzzah Feather ESP8266 module running ESPEasy which talks to OpenHAB via MQTT. It’s powered by a USB phone charger. They’ve been running for a few months now without issue. I use variations in this setup all over the place and they are pretty reliable although I limit them to a maximum of 2 sensors per GPIO pin in case a sensor fails. Each GPIO pin used for temperature sensing needs a 4.7K resistor between 3.3V and the GPIO pin, and the 3.3Volts the ESP8266 runs on limits overall cable length a little bit which I get around by having modules closer to the sensor.

@vzorglub, @kevin: Thank you for your inputs, that could help. I was actually hoping that I could get a ready-made component, something similar to the many z-Wave devices. I have to see if I will be able to build up such a do-it-yourself solution at some point.

This has appeared on the market too…

Hi Phil,

I have been faced with the same problem.
My solution is;

  • zwave
  • fibaro FGK101 Door Opening Sensor
  • DS18B20 temperature probe … the waterproof one

it’s a bit fiddly to get the DS18B20 connected to the FGK101, but once you’re done …and have your zwave working … seem to do the trick


Thank you Roger

I had already thought of this solution. That would even be my preferred solution.
The only problem is that the FGK-101 is no longer sold. So far I haven’t found a shop that still delivers it to Switzerland… :sleepy: