Temperature sensor value transformation (LCN sensor/setpoint)

I’m a newbie setting up OH3 with LCN bus in my rental apartment. I have LCN-PCHK running on the OH3 rPi.

The LCN wall panels in the apartment also control the heating system and display and set temperature. I found setpoint and current temperature sensor channels but the numeric values they contain are:
(°C x 10)+1000.
So 22.4 °C is represented as 1224. I tried playing with metadata / state / description / pattern but have no idea what I’m doing.

Is this situation familiar to anyone else with LCN and do you know of a solution? Or is it unique to the heating system in this apartment?

Also, any suggestions on the most accurate way to determine what LCN is doing when I change the setpoint from the wall panel? Should I see the messages from LCN to the heating system on the bus in LCN-PCHK? I crossed my fingers and dropped €260 for an LCN-PCHK license and am thrilled how much access I have to everything in the apartment out of the gate, but I’m not in a position to shell out another €1200 for a copy of LCN-PRO to get more visibility into the system.


You need to set the unit under “Configure Channel”:

You should see changes in setpoints within LCN-PCHK.

Wow, Thanks! I hope all my problems are so easily solved!

Hi, but the Value is not a decimal number.
How can i change this?

Thanks for help.

In MainUI, you can add a State Description by clicking on “Add Metadata” in the Item and enter the pattern “%.1f”:

Perfect, thank you very much. It works :grinning: