Temperature sensor with wired probe?

I’d like to monitor temps in our attic, but it gets very hot and very cold, and is a pain to access. It appears to be outside the operating range of most sensors where the temp sensor is in the body of the unit, and I’m guessing this will be rough on batteries. Ideally I’d like to keep the main body of the sensor in the house and run a probe up through the access hatch.

Has anybody found a temp sensor with a wired probe (preferably zwave, but open to others) that they like?

Just buy an ds18b20.
Eiechip 5PCS Waterproof Temperature Probe Thermometer DS18B20 1M with Heat Resistance Thermal Cable https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MB1J43W/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_RMD5NEM3Y9QVVA4CTA4Y

According to spec it should handle -55 to +125 celcius.
You can connect it to s fibaro smart implant, rpi, arduino etc.


Or, a sonoff. They have external temp sensors that you can route.
Flash it with tasmota and you get mqtt.

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Thank you both! I wasn’t aware of the Fibaro. I’ll try that.

Do you happen to have a link to this? I am trying to go the sonoff Tasmota route as well

Link to what, I’m sorry??