Tesla Binding 3.4.1, channel chargingamps does not show up in thing configuration

Hello everyone,
I am using openHAB 3.4.1 with the Tesla Binding 3.4.1 provided by the openHAB distribution on an openhabian system.

In general it works fine. But my Tesla Thing does not provide me with the channel chargingamps to set the amperage for loading. I would have expected it in this version. I have ticked the “Show advanced” checkbox on channel selection but this one does not show. Do you have any hints what I am doing wrong? All other channels I needed did show up.
Thanks for your help.

Replying to my own question for documentation purposes:
I got it fixed. The installed binding was of the correct version but it seems the Tesla Thing installed before was of an older version (any way to find out?)
To fix it I removed the Tesla Thing and added a new one. Now I got the chargingamps Item. Still have to check it out.

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