Tesla binding OH 3.0.1: cannot retrieve refresh token

I’m using OH 3.0.1 in docker. After some time in OH 3.0.0 my tesla binding stopped working (with status bridge offline). However, the car was online in the original Tesla app. I’ve updated OH to 3.0.1 and removed old tesla related things. Now I’m trying to create new ones but getting an error:

Refresh token is not retrieved. I also can’t get it with OH console because of some strange behavior (maybe because of doker): when I start to type my email address it takes and skips and doesn’t show each even symbol:

Any advice will be much appreciated

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I have not installed the binding but a few days / weeks ago Tesla changed some parts of the API on how to get a token which is most likely needed by the binding etc. So the builder of the Binding needs to adapt to the new structure. You might need to ask him to that.

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Thanks, seems to be a known issue: [Tesla] Authentication no longer working / getting blocked · Issue #10016 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub
Waiting for the fix…

Has the problem not being able to retrieve a refresh token been solved? I am on the latest Openhabian release, seems to be OH 3.2. I can not get one.

I’m still on 2.5.12 and have the same issue with the “slow karaf console” response when it comes to typing in my username and password. Its literaly impossible to do so. The way with the PaperUI is also not working. I think getting the refresh token is currently a little bit messi so I will keep my eye on this topic.

I can pick up my Tesla Model 3 in the beginning of March 2022, lets see if I can implement the car in my openHAB environment :slight_smile:

I use the iOS App „Auth for Tesla“ to retrieve a token and pasted it into the UI interface. That works.