Tesla official API has been released

Hi everyone,
I know that the integration with Tesla has followed some unofficial APIs. Not sure if you followed the news but a few weeks back they have released an “official” way to access their APIs.

Has anyone tried that yet? Leaving this here: https://developer.tesla.com/docs
I plan to give the official registration a try the next days when I have some free time.


Oo this is great news! I wonder if the offical API will be even faster then the previous unoffical way.
I personally don’t use the Tesla binding in openhab but utilize teslamate + MQTT to gather my car info for OH integration

I doubt that. Rather it should be documented and probably you will enter some stats. There are various discussions including that they may start to charge for the usage a monthly/yearly fee. Hope they don’t do that…
I use the API to “intelligently” charge my Tesla if there is enough sun for my solar panels which are non-Tesla, as I live in Europe. :slight_smile:

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Tried to register today but they want some URLs where to redirect the token responses it seems. I think we don’t have that in OH or at least I’m not sure how to configure that. I would pass on my external IP address and the home.myopenhab.org but I don’t think that this will work for my home network unless I create something like a reverse proxy and catch these responses there.

OK here it’s explained https://developer.tesla.com/docs/fleet-api#authentication
I believe the idea is that the developer registers for the service and provides an option for the customers to make authorized tokens for each customer(also providing access to customers’ used cars/solars/chargers).
Probably at some point Tesla will start charging the developers for using the API because the expectation is that you create an app that benefits from using the API from multiple Tesla customers.