Tesla Powerwall 2 Integration

Hi @Paul_Smedley Paul, I wanted to share with you what has happened to me in the past. After installing and maintaining the binding for PW2 and the installation of OH3 on Raspberry, I had a call from Tesla as this integration was going to overload the gateway with requests, up to send it in block, and then it was necessary to replace it !! ie Tesla saw from the gwateway log that there was something in my internal network (which was oh3) that completely clogged the device. I read in previous posts that this was happening and it was actually a problem. I’m not a programmer and I don’t even know English well … be patient … now this problem is solved? can I reinstall everything without fear of being contacted by Tesla? thank you

I am using the binding since over a year, Tesla didn’t contact me.
Could you check how often you check for new data? My interval (in the thing-part of the configuration) is 30 s.

I agree @chilobo, I’ve bene running the local binding for a couple of years, on two different gateways - with no issues. I’m using a 60 second refresh.

ok, now I’ll try its… but…sorry for this stupid question…
whee exactly I have to put the .jar file?
Whic version I have to use? cloud or lacal?
what is the last version of.jar file?? many many thanks !!!

.jar file location depends on what system you run openhab on - windows or linux. On linux it’s /usr/share/openhab/addons/

The latest local version is in the Openhab Marketplace; the latest cloud version is at https://smedley.id.au/tmp/org.openhab.binding.teslapowerwallcloud-3.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

In terms of which version to use, it’s up to you. The local binding is read-only - so you can’t modify any settings - BUT - it will work in situations where you have no internet - like during a power outage.

The cloud version allows you to modify settings - and is what I mostly use now.

Hi, thanks, and pls be patient … I’m not a developer and I’m trying to make do myself…
I found this page for the local version of the binding on marketplace :

is it correct?

I’m Using OH3.4.0M2 on Raspberry and I have this folder availables :
are they the same ??

I found also your page on Github :

but I dind’t found documentation abou how to create a thing and items…
wher can I found the example?
I’m doing all via text file configuration

Hi Tebraxin,

Just install the bundle via the Marketplace and don’t worry about the file location.

re: text configuration - I never got around to writing the docs for this, there may be some discussion of text based config somewhere in this thread, but I just use the GUI…