Tesla: wakeup... if I don't, do I still get (last) value? ... and other questions

This is a query about the function/binding, as I neither have a Tesla (yet) nor am I running the binding.

I’d like to buy a Model Y, but it is not yet available in Australia.
Looking at the binding documentation all seems clear… up to “wakeup”. It is recommended not to use it due to battery drain.

I assume the car will go to sleep at some time; maybe after it is charged.

The question is, when does the car go to sleep?
Will the binding simply retrieve what is in the API, w/o updates from the car (as it is asleep)?

I see I get the location, assuming lat/lon. Does anyone track this on a map? If so how.
I have used onwtracks via iPhone in the past, and was wondering how I can continue either with it or something similar?
The reason I ask is, I have used owntracks as electronic log book… and can imagine to update owntracks from the TelsaBinding via MQTT or similar.

While writing I thought I search the web, and found this thread:

and this one:

for further info around what’s available via the API.

Even better: