Teslascope Binding

Hi All,

Given the state of the Tesla Fleet API and the unknown around how charging will be applied, I’ve started working on a binding for Teslascope.

I use Teslascope anyway for my cars, and it has an API, so I figured why not use it.

This binding is at VERY early stages of development - currently no commands are working - and as of today, I’m only extracting:

  • Vehicle Name
  • VIN
  • Vehicle State
  • Odometer
  • Battery Level
  • Charging State

More data is to come - Teslascope supports a lot of data - see Developer Documentation (Vehicles) - Teslascope

Vehicle command support isn’t as extensive as the current Tesla binding, see Developer Documentation (Vehicles) - Teslascope but Charge Start/Stop is supported (but not documented). The Teslascope developer also has plans to expand the API.

Teslascope does require a nominal subscription, but it’s likely/possible that use of the Tesla API will also be non-free.

I’ll post a link here once I’ve fleshed out support for more items, then will start adding support for commands. My main need is starting climate support and charging start/stop.

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FWIW - code is at GitHub - psmedley/openhab-addons at teslascope

I’ve now added pretty much all the channels from the ‘Tesla’ binding that exist in Teslascope. I’m now extracting all that information from the json returned by teslascope, I just need to add the code to update the values into the channels.

Once that is done, I’ll work on command support.

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Initial release is at https://smedley.id.au/tmp/org.openhab.binding.teslascope-4.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Currently, this is read-only - no commands are supported. Over the coming days, I’ll add support for the commands that Teslascope support, ie those described at Developer Documentation (Vehicles) - Teslascope + stop/start charge.

Commands now supported… anyone else using OpenHAB and Teslascope?

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