Test enhancement in TCP/UDP binding

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Following this conversation, we have finalised this PR that accepts plain string literals as transformationrule on top of the already available transformations. The behaviour should be consistent with the MQTT syntax for the transformationrule.
Help would be appreciated to test this. Please download the test JAR, and replace it with the ‘old’ TCP binding. You might have to restart the main engine (I had to). My own tests include keeping the old syntax with a MAP and using the new ‘straight string’ method. Both worked without errors or warning. If you have other transformations in your definitions, testing this will help.

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Are there any users of the TCP or UDP binding that wouldn’t mind testing this PR (above), whose goal is to “harmonize” the syntax of the section of the binding config string that currently only allows a transform, by increasing the choices of what you can specify in the same way as other bindings do, like the MQTT binding.

Any users of the TCP/UDP binding willing to test this new version? I have been using it for a while now and it’s working fine, it needs to be tested with other transformations though.
This is an enhancement requested several times in the past by the community and it would ease many implementations that currently have to go through multiple MAP files.

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