Testers for Verisure openHAB 2 binding


I am in the process of writing a binding for OpenHab 2 for the Verisure alarm system. What works so far:

  • Manually adding Verisure Thing from Paper UI
  • Auto discovery of climate things
  • arm status, armedby, timestamp channels from Alarm
  • arming or disarming alarm (you have to configure PIN in settings)
  • temperature, humidity and timestamp channels from climate devices

Since I dont have any mousetraps, waterdetectors, smartplugs or any other gadgets I would be grateful if someone could log on to their verisure mypages and post the results of the following urls:

https://mypages.verisure.com/remotecontrol - if you have a yale doorman module

I will be looking for testers shortly. Please let me know if youre interested.


Here you have the results for the SmartPlug. I do not have any of the other devices you requested, but I would be happy to do any testing of your binding.

The results for the smartplug:

[{“canChange”:true,“usage”:“other”,“statusText”:“På”,“usageText”:“Annet”,“location”:“Kjøkken”,“id”:“ABCD 1234”,“status”:“on”},{“canChange”:true,“usage”:“other”,“statusText”:“På”,“usageText”:“Annet”,“location”:“Vaskerommet”,“id”:“EFGH 5678”,“status”:“on”}]

I would welcome a verisure binding and I’m also up for testing.
Below is the output from the Yale Doorman.

[{“date”:“I dag 07:06”,“notAllowedReason”:"",“image”:“locked”,“name”:"",“operational”:true,“location”:“Inngang #”,“changeAllowed”:true,“id”:“XXXXXXXX”,“label”:“Låst”,“type”:“DOOR_LOCK”,“secureMode”:false,“status”:“locked”}]

I’m also up for testing.
What about the door and window (magnetic) sensor, can you implement those as well?

Very interesting, if you can make this work with the Yale Doorman I would have one major piece of the puzzle resolved. I’ve been holding of getting one of these since I couldn’t see a good way of integrating it with OH, if this will be resolved I’ll run out and get one.

If I see any indication of the Yale Doorman working I’ll definitely be up for testing.

I don’t know if you’ve involved in the following thread but in case it might be helpful for you I thought I’d add it:

Output from my Doorman (couldn’t wait any longer so purchased and installed this weekend. Same output as @acittlau basically. Let me know if there’s a binding to try out with the lock, I’ll be happy to test it out.

[{“date”:“Idag 17:05”,“notAllowedReason”:"",“image”:“locked”,“name”:"",“operational”:true,“location”:“Hall”,“changeAllowed”:true,“id”:“censored”,“label”:“Låst”,“type”:“DOOR_LOCK”,“secureMode”:false,“status”:“locked”}]

Thanks guys. Will try to to get this incorporated into the binding. I have also ordered some smartplugs I can experiment with.

You can get the source below if you feel adventurous:

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Can you please provide me the output when the door is unlocked as well?

Of course, here you go:

[{“date”:“Idag 10:00”,“notAllowedReason”:"",“image”:“unlocked”,“name”:“censored1”,“operational”:true,“location”:“Hall”,“changeAllowed”:true,“id”:“censored2”,“label”:“Upplåst”,“type”:“DOOR_LOCK”,“secureMode”:false,“status”:“unlocked”}]a

censored1: The name of the user that unlocked it
censored2: The Serial# of the product

Any new news on the Verisure binding?


I keep getting this, twice as much info as the others - first the lock status and then the alarm status:

[{“date”:“I dag 14:06”,“disarmed”:true,“notAllowedReason”:"",“image”:“locked”,“operational”:true,“changeAllowed”:true,“label”:“Låst”,“type”:“DOOR_LOCK”,“name”:"",“location”:“Hoveddør”,“id”:“XXXXXX”,“secureMode”:false,“status”:“locked”},{“date”:“I dag 12:09”,“notAllowedReason”:"",“name”:“XXXXXX”,“changeAllowed”:true,“id”:1,“label”:“Frakoblet”,“type”:“ARM_STATE”,“status”:“unarmed”}]

This means that each time i run the “manual” verisure-api,js witch i found elsewhere, I get the status of the lock and not the alarm… :frowning:

Hopefully this can help you in your work on your Verisure project :slight_smile:

Looks like this will be amazing! I’m also very interested in testing this binding when it comes out.

I just installed OH2 and wanted to install the verisure binding, but i dont really see a easy way ?

where is the manual add binding ?

Looking for this?

still docent make sense for me, if i wanna test out this binding ? then i need to use eclipse installer etc… ?

Oops, sorry, I should have looked closer. Didn’t see that it is about an OH2 binding that so far only exist as source code…

@Andreas_L will you create a PR for it or upload a jar of it somewhere for a start?

Any news on the Verisure binding?


Have you had any luck with development of this binding? One of the last parts missing for a full house automation for me.