Testers for voice command integration

I’ve implemented voice commands into the Pebble app. I also upgraded the project to the newest sdk version, fixed some code warnings and added support to send commands to group items. Is someone willing to test this new version?

I’ve uploaded the Pebble app to my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aud5bafwd8f72uq/OpenHAB.pbw?dl=0

Source code can be found here: https://github.com/TheNetStriker/openhab.pebble/tree/VoiceCommand

Seems to work fine! Already had the VoiceCommand item set up, commands seem to arrive fine. Too bad there’s only a limited number of languages supported on the Pebble. Rest of the app seems fine too.

The ‘Action List’ is also a good idea, I’ll add my timeline functionality (see other thread) when this is merged.

There seams to be a small ui issue when returning from the voice command. (The clock on top disappears) I will see if I find a fix for this.

Seams to be an issue in Pebblejs that will be fixed: https://github.com/pebble/pebblejs/issues/117#issuecomment-163420816

I made a small tweak to the settings so that the dictation confirmation screen can optionally be skipped.