Textual configuration of ebus2 Binding

Hi there.
I’m trying to access data on the eBus via the ebus 2.0 binding in combination with ebusd (on my Raspberry PI) and an Esera ebus-coupler (USB) from my Vaillant heating system.

My preferred way of configuration is to use textual configuration files. Could you tell me, how an item has to be configured correctly (especially in combination with the polling settings). I’m not able to configure a polling interval via the textual configuration. Config through Paper UI works.

My .items file looks as follows:

Number  Hzg_VRC700Temp      "Gang EG [%1.1f °C]"          <temperature>       (gTemperature, gHzg, gFloor_EG)     {channel="ebus:vrc700_zone2:hzg:15:vrc700_zone2_z2_room-temp#value",polling="60"}


Bridge ebus:bridge:hzg "eBUS Bridge" @ "Home" [ ipAddress="", port=8888, networkDriver="ebusd", advancedLogging=true ] {
    Thing vrc700_zone2 15 "Zone 2 - BKA" [ slaveAddress="15" ]

Seems like the correct and working way is to add the polling information via channel definitions in the .things file.
Looks like I have overseen this part in the documentation. For example:

Thing vrc700_hwc 15 "Warmwasser" [ slaveAddress="15" ] {
            Type vrc700_hwc_hwc_storage-temp_value : vrc700_hwc_hwc_storage-temp#value [ polling=60]
            Type vrc700_hwc_hwc_flow-temp_value : vrc700_hwc_hwc_flow-temp#value [ polling=120 ]