Textual configuration of the OH3 http binding

that worked for me, thanks.
Can you please provide an example for a textual configuration of the new http binding ? It is missing in the manual.
My original items definition was:

Number Vito_Betriebsmodus                       "Betriebsmodus"                      <switch>         (gHeating)       
        { http="<[^[-+]?[0-9]+))] >[CHANGED:POST:$s]"   }
Number Vito_ManuellerModus                       "ManuellerModus"                      <switch>         (gHeating)       
        { http="<[^[-+]?[0-9]+))] >[CHANGED:POST:$s]"   }

So far I do have a thing file, e.g.

Thing http:url:vitowifi "VitoWifi" [ baseURL="", refresh=10] {
        Type number : Channel_Vito_Betriebsmodus  "Vito_Betriebsmodus"  [ stateExtension="read?DP=0xb000&Type=Mode", stateTransformation="REGEX((^[-+]?[0-9]+))", commandExtension="write?DP=0xb000&Type=Mode&Value=%2$s" ]
        Type number : Channel_Vito_ManuellerModus "Vito_ManuellerModus" [ stateExtension="read?DP=0xb020&Type=Mode", stateTransformation="REGEX((^[-+]?[0-9]+))", commandExtension="write?DP=0xb020&Type=Mode&Value=%2$s" ]

and an items file:

Number Vito_Betriebsmodus "Vito_Betriebsmodus" <switch> (gHeating) {channel="http:url:vitowifi:Channel_Vito_Betriebsmodus"}
Number Vito_ManuellerModus "Vito_ManuellerModus" <switch> (gHeating) {channel="http:url:vitowifi:Channel_Vito_ManuellerModus"}```

Both files load without error, but no items are generated. At least they neither show up in the log nor the gui.
And I guess I will have to change all postUpdate statemens to these items to sendCommand, right ? Or how would an update of these items propagate through to http ?

Update: got it. The Regex must be adapted from:
stateTransformation="REGEX:(^[-+]?[0-9]+)" (mind the : and the () )

I won’t support .things files. It’s a huge time sink and I prefer to spend my time elsewhere. The developer of the binding shares my opinion on the matter and doesn’t directly support them either. Someone who really like .things files will have to generate the docs for them. In the mean time, the .things file syntax is defined at https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/things.html and you can figure out what the fields are either from MainUI or from the binding readme or examples in the forum.

If your Items are not showing up there was probably an error, check the logs. But this is all off topic for this thread. You should open a new one.

thanks. I don’t like things files either, but I started with a textual config and would like to keep it that way, i.e. not mixing settings.
Since the http v1 binding was taken away, I am stuck at this point. I just hope I am not forced to revert to OH2

I just updated the example from above. It works for me. There was, however, something strange happening. I had to rename the Thing and name it back for OH to uninitialize and re-initialize it correctly.