Textual Item connection to MQTT topic troubleshoot

Hi everyone ,
Platform: Linux / Openhab-3.1.0M /Java 11 (web UI tested , working)

here is an .item file stored in /etc/openhab/items/

Group gThermostat “Thermostat” {homekit = “Thermostat”}
Number thermostat_current_temp “Thermostat Current Temp [%.1f C]” (gThermostat) {chanel = “mqtt:topic:5a12f62ae9:534acf9bdb:Chanel_8_0_2”, homekit = “CurrentTemperature”}

How could I find that in Items (admin panel) ?
It does not appear after root::systemctl restart openhab.service

I wish to control complex items with voice control , but stuck.
I alredy did 2 lights that was under my voice control in last year but it was with OH2 now started to migrate to OH3

Did you create the thing in test?

Thing (MQTT) is configured via Web UI


And it should be filename.items