Thanks to everyone who works on OpenHAB

Dear all,

I had some time over the holidays to get back into OpenHAB more intensively. I started years ago with version 2.something and have now upgraded to 4.1. Due to lack of time, I’ve only just started with the Semantic Model and created some layout pages. Previously I only used the sitemap. I have also improved and standardized other things in my setup.

And what can I say? As a typical end user without any programming experience (I nevertheless use the text files), it took a long time - like so many things for me with OpenHAB. But it was worth every hour invested! OpenHAB can do fantastic things and even the WAF is almost 100% :heart_eyes:

I would therefore like to thank everyone who contributes to OpenHAB, whether as a developer, in support or whatever. Keep up the good work and don’t let yourselves be influenced by the discussions that come up here from time to time that other applications are better or prettier. Yes, some things could be a bit simpler for fools like me. But overall OpenHAB is great and can do almost magical things :smile:

Happy New Year


While we’re on it, I’d also like to say thanks to everyone involved.

For me personally, I’m using OpenHab to monitor my dishwasher, washing machine and EV charge point. From those, I get the cost of each wash/charge, duration, etc. A bit #geeky, but it’s been interesting to see what the car really costs!

I’m also trying to automate my bins. I’ve got OpenHab pulling from a Google Calendar which says what days are recycling/refuse/garden etc, and I’ve got some BLE beacons on the bins themselves and from that can figure out if they’re at the end of the driveway or not. Things are sort of working on this little project, but there’s more to do.

Lastly, I monitor my broadband connection with OpenHab. I’m pinging outwards, and so get graph indications of when things go wrong - I’ve used this to convince my broadband supplier that my connection was flaky (it looks like some cable joints went bad outside the telephone exchange). I’ve since been getting metrics from my Draytek modem as well, so now have graphs of upload/download speeds - they will be useful next time something goes wrong to show the degradation in service.

In my case quite a bit of coding required, but OpenHab provides me with a ‘low code’ environment to put my code into. It makes it easy to look at historical trends or whatever, and for the most part has proven to be rock-solid reliable. Unlike so many other bits of tech, I don’t feel like I need to “manage” OpenHAB itself (even if my projects inside it aren’t always perfect).

Like @liveislife, I’d also like to say thanks to everyone involved, and keep up the good work!


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