The 10$ Gocomma Wifi Door Sensor on Gearbest seems to use ESP8266

I was searching around HA products on Chinese sites and I found this Wifi Door reed sensor on Sale by a company called GoComma.

I noticed that it has ESP82*6 in the chip on the Screenshots. The * part looks like thier 5,6,8.
Most likely a 6. But I’m not 100% sure.

Any geeks and hackers want to get this and try to make it work with MQTT for OpenHab and HomeAssistant?

2 year battery life using wifi. Didn’t know that was possible!

Of course not :slight_smile: I think that they use this statement: “Battery life: 2 years” as a marketing trick. Instead of making it clear that this is about the usable lifetime of the battery as a consumable, they put it on top to mislead potential buyers.

later down in the linked page they say about 12 months (even this is … not easily believable :slight_smile:)

If the device does not go into a Coma (like it’s name suggests :stuck_out_tongue:) i doubt that it can last more than 6 months

Why do we have to be geeks?:rofl:

The chip does look to be an ESP, but like you I can’t read all the numbers from the pic. To flash firmware like tasmota and use mqtt then you’ll need to have a USB to TTL converter. Get everything ready and before powering the device via USB connect GPIO pin 0 to ground, plug the USB in and this will set the esp chip into flash mode. Now flash the device and enjoy.:grinning:

Used Google and search “how to flash ESP” for more in-depth instructions if needed.

Yeah it’s an esp8266 chip. I took the risk and ordered one to see. Only thing is now, how to program it. There are only tiny pads with no through holes or anything so might have to solder wires on.

Second image

See that: