The actual PANID and extended ID of Zigbee Network

@chris is there any way to see which PANID the telegesis dongle actually uses either in the ui or in the logs? Is it always equal what the configuration of the thing?

During my unfortunate reset of the dongle this weekend during the testing of a PR to the zigbee binding, I completely lost connection to all my Zigbee devices.

During trouble shooting I loaded the dongle into my Windows and ran the Telegesis Terminal to read information from it, and as far as I can tell the S02 and S03 registers will show the set PANID, but on my device they were 0000 (which means automatic, I think) that means that the binding sets the PANID? Or am I completely missing something?

I ask here because I could see from threads that more than I have tried to loose connection to all devices and I was wondering if it could be a loss or start of a wrong PANID. Since I checked all other configuration items and those I was sure were the same.

(Just to be clear, I have never touched those registers in my playing about with the dongle)

In theory, the binding should show these in the UI - if it doesn’t, then that’s a bug.

However, if you have reset your dongle, then there’s really no way back from that (at least not with publicly available firmware). This is because you will loose information that cannot be read from the Telegesis dongle, and also cannot be set. The only way out is to create a new network and add all devices back to the new network.

Thanks, good to know. Do not reset the dongle in an active setup :slight_smile:

I did not knowingly reset the dongle when moving between systems. So I am unsure how that happened the first time.