The "Home" menu in the Android application

I wrote down my sitemap file, but in the Android application I still see the “Home” menu, which really hinders me.
Could you tell me how to remove it?
In the “Clear default sitemap” menu I selected my sitemap, but I still see this menu.
I read all the questions until 2016 and found no solution to this question.
I will be grateful for any help!

It seems that I found the reason for the appearance of this menu section (in my case). When I tried to deal with openHab, I created and deleted things through the “paper UI”. I remember that there was originally a “Home” tab, but when I deleted all the items and things (in order to create them through a sitemap file), this bookmark disappeared. But as it turned out, it was preserved.
I have never used the “Home builder” interface (because it did not exist) and probably the “Home” tab is automatically created.
I solved this problem simply - I had to remove openHab and install it again. I chose the “Standard Package”. Now my application does not display this unnecessary menu section.
I probably agree with the fact that it was not necessary at all to remove openHAB to solve the problem, but I could not do otherwise because I do not have the strengths, abilities and time to understand deeply in the settings.

Did you make a screenshot of the app’s screen?

I edited my first post and deleted the screenshot because it’s written in Russian which the vast majority of users do not understand. Thank you for your attention.