"The Keys" on kick Starter / connected lock with lan api


I’m not from “The keys” but I contribute for this project.

This kickstarter project is written only in french so, I write here to inform anyone who might be interesting.

With this connected lock you can open or close your lock from everywhere with your phone or a web API.

I don’t like external API and they listen to users by creating an external API and a local API.

For the moment the jeedom community (opensource domotic project) is very present, but it will be usable by openhab as it’s a web gateway.

If you are interesting by this project you can have a watch to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/412593919/the-keys-partagez-et-controlez-les-acces/description

Another thing, the company behind this came from professional world and want to exist in public world too.

They already have the items ready to deliver from march to april.


I see some clicks on the web link but no reply. Interesting or not ?

just to say that I could find a solution to control this door locker (theKeys with gateway) thru Openhab.
If anyone is interested, I’ll write down an how-to