The local server for my house is Ubuntu server (CLI, effectively headless) 15.10, mainly being my firewall and ssh server

I’m wondering if OH2 can be of use to me when the local server is CLI and intended to be headless (the wiring closet is accessible only via climbing up a ladder and getting perched precariously!) The server does not accommodate any graphics processing card due to the card edge bus being made for primarily headless use, but I got several of these boxes for free. I’ll proceed with more system details in case it matters:

The house is not my primary residence, so I needed and built a remote accessed Arduino thermostat which connects via USB to the server. It cannot be controlled except via the USB connection. I communicate and control it when I log in from my laptop or cell phone via ssh connection to the headless server/firewall, both when I am at the house and when I am remote. The laptop and cell phone can have GUI to interface with OpenHAB, but just not the local server. For the sake of brevity, I am avoiding the topic of VNC, but I’ll accept replies from those of you who would suggest that I use it.

I am remodeling and intend to consider expanding automation/remote control when the enjoyment factor of doing so outweighs the cost. Note that I have ZERO income, so I tend to over-scrutinise everything I do that threatens to cost me money, and I enjoy developing software and hardware immensely. My primary profession is a college-degreed Electronics Technician, so the low-level aspect of technology is where I am very comfortable.

To restate: is OpenHAB2 suitable for me to consider installing on either my CLI server or my laptop for remote connection?

If that device (the local server) is powerful enough (similar to a Raspberry Pi3): Then yes, OH2 is suitable.

You don’t need any local display for an openHAB2 system. Most of us run it on a headless host.
You will access OH2 via User Interfaces (http/s based) and you can also do most of the configs via CLI.

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Yes, that is possible! But personally, I would not run my home automation on my firewall. The firewall is an extremely important part of the network. Errors in other programs can compromise security. Openhab runs perfectly on a Raspberry …

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I run mine on an old laptop I’ve been given (free UPS! I seem to be a magnet for people’s broken tech) with Ubuntu xenial, no X, and ssh. I just port forward fhru the firewall to the xenial for ssh and use for GUI access.

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Really ? Portforwarding for SSH ? Use VPN …

Thank you all! I will go ahead and SSH in CLI and install OH2.

Can’t get java up to workable version in Ubuntu 15.10 apparently. (I’ve been avoiding the Ubuntu upgrade due to init version conversion) I’ve got other priorities while the weather permits me to work on house siding issues. Later…

did you try Zulu ? (8, not 9)

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A VPN is not always an option for all people in all situations. For example, I’m not permitted to connect to non-work VPNs when I’m at the office but am allowed to connect over SSH. So I configure ssh to only allow cert logins and port forward through the firewall.

Everyone’s environment and requirements are unique. What makes sense for you may not be possible for all.

Nice! Now the OH2 service starts for me, thank you very much, Dim! Next is learning to use and bind to my Arduino-based DIY thermostat…

Found the Serial and Exec bindings. That should do it!