The long delay for my own discovery process

I use the rest API at
to do the discovery process.

What I have done by order are,
1 delete things
2 delete items
3 delete links
4 orvibo binding scan
5 inbox approve
6 create new item
7 link channel to newly created item

Then later, I can go the sitemap page to turn on/off the switch.
Mostly it works, but sometimes it is too long, like the case below about 60s.
I capture a log for one long delay case below.

I use openhab2, build #445, and org.openhab.binding.orvibo-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.

Does any expert have some suggestion why this long delay?
1 like some mistake I have made
2 some log switch I should open to get more info
3 One thing shown in the log there is many “orvibo channel has been update” messages. Is it something normal or clue for some mistake?

Thank you very much.

Below is the log of my discovery process with long delay.