The openHAB documentation in PDF

Hi I would like to ask if there is PDF version of the documentation? If the answer is no, i think that would be really helpfull to have it on PDF.
Thanks and have a nice day

There are many parts to the documentation. Trying to put it all in one pdf would be unwieldy to use and a complex nightmare to maintain as current.

You should be able to print sections to pdf yourself.

I don’t think the docs in PDF currently exist, but it might be nice to have it e.g. when you’re somewhere without Internet connectivity. A PDF may also help to consume the content using e-readers. :slight_smile:

What is it that you like about having the documentation in a PDF?

If you’re a German speaker there’s also a book about openHAB named “Smart Home mit openHAB 2” (ISBN 978-3-8362-5977-4) which may be the next best thing. There’s also an e-book with a PDF download option. See this book excerpt.

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Thanks for the link to this book. Has anyone got full pdf book ? Also shame it’s only in German at the moment :wink:

The docs site is built from the bindings README files if I’m right. I think it would be also possible to use the same files to generate a PDF file.

Something like this:

You can purchase it online. The e-book probably is an unlimited edition. :wink:

Maybe @unixe has some plans for also creating an English edition?

I tried hardly to find a publisher who’s willing to publish an English version of my book as Rheinwerk-Verlag doesn’t, but I wasn’t successful. The publishers regard the whole thing as a niche product. And they generally speaking have limited interest in a book the won’t own the full rights (as the German rights are at Rheinwerk). So I’m stuck at this point.

If anyone has an idea: please let me know! I feed there is a growing interest in this topic, and it would be nice to cover it…



Couldn’t you generate a pdf in English? The publisher only owns the rights to the German version, correct?