The pitfall of the cloud

So yesterday my Internet service provider’s Fiber cable was cut. All the customer was off the grid for the whole day. Most of my home automation system was working fine include light control and security system (kudo to the Envisalink DSC module; still work when it can’t connect to EyezOn server).

However, it is disappointed to see that the Google Chromecast cannot even play local mp3 file. This is very annoying. Why the heck would it requires an Internet connection to play local media.

The other thing that is missed is email notification, but obviously that won’t work unless you have an Internet connection.

How else its the google spyware going to work? :scream:

I know I’ve cast content to a Chromecast without internet before. See for one of the several tutorials I’ve found showing how to do it. I think the trick is to use the cast app from your phone though it should be possible to do from other computers as well.

@Bruce_Osborne, well I do expect the ping-back spy call, but it should focus on the real task which is playing local media file, even if the spy callback failed.

@rlkoshak I use it as an audio sink. All I can hear is a beep, and that’s it.

from org.eclipse.smarthome.model.script.actions import Audio
Audio.playSound(self.getSinkName(), localFile)

Google may beg to differ :wink:

That isn’t a Chromecast limitation as much as it is a limitation with how OH integrates with Chromecast I think. Not knowing the details I can’t offer more comment except to say that casting content using the usual Chromecast stuff works without Internet. Someone who knows more about how the Chromecast binding works would need to comment on why that doesn’t work without Internet.