The simplest introductory example for newbies. Without Hue hub!

General newbie question:
I installed openHOA and working through the tutorial: I’m now at ‘Adding things - simple’.
Sounds great (I like ‘simple’!), but it assumes I have a Hue hub (and bulbs), which I don’t have, nor do I want to spend $50 one one (+ 2 bulbs), considering the device will be discontinued by Philips at April 30th.
(Besides all my smart bulbs right now work without hub, and that’s what I hope to use openHAB for eventually: not having to use 12 different phone apps!).

Wouldn’t it anyway be simpler to have a single smart light bulb and connect THAT to openHOA, as a simple introductory project?
I noticed a Lifx binding, and I have a Lifx smart light bulb.
I think I’ll try to get that to work, but I’m totally new to all this: is there something I’m missing about this being simpler than using that Hue hub? If so, what is the issue, or what should I look for?
Any hints and tips are welcome!

The tutorial provides examples. If you have Lifx bulbs and there is a Lifx add-on, and Lifx can just be installed and discover everything without configuration, use that. The Hue part isn’t the point, it’s the steps and process taken in OH. Hue is just an example.

There are three classes of add-ons in openHAB based on how Things get created (each gets their own page in the tutorial):

  1. technologies where all the devices can be automatically discovered immediately
  2. technologies where there is a little bit of configuration required (i.e. create a Bridge Thing) before the devices can be discovered
  3. technologies where everything has to be configured by hand

Hue was chosen as the example for 1 because at the time it was popular and it fits the criteria and the person who wrote most of that page had a Hue system set up.

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Where did you hear that from?

I think that’s a reference to:

Since 30 April 2020, no software updates are made available for the Hue Bridge v1 mobile application and compatibility with our online services has been terminated at that time. Subsequently, the dedicated Philips Hue Bridge v1 mobile application will go out of support and be retired on 30 April 2022. Until being retired, the Philips Hue Bridge v1 mobile application will be available on Lichtsteuerung mit Apps für smarte Beleuchtung | Philips Hue DE.

Basically, Philips declared end of life on the v1 Bridge in April 30, 2020, and indicated two more years of operation to allow users to transition. I’m guessing the OP thought this applied to all Hue Bridges, not just the v1.

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Ah, yes, I stand corrected!

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