Thermia heatpump

Is anyone using a Thermia heatpump and the thermia online service?
I have an addon ready that integrates with thermia online and lets you show all registers and set those who are settable (like indoor temperature, heatstop etc).
It seems to work as it should, im planning to use it to get a bit more control in and stop the heatpump from producing any heat when the temperature outside is low but the sun is heating the house a lot (a typical swedish summer). and possibly to lower the temperature at night etc.
Let me know if you want to give it a test.
It checks that you only try to set registers that isn’t flagged as readonly, and also it checks so you keep in the min/max range specified for each register. But it’s probably good if you know what you are changing incase it does something weird.


I´m using the 3rd party gateway Thermiq ( for monitoring my heatpump. Did you planning to connect this gateway with your addon too?

When building the addon it didn’t seem to work to use both thermig and thermia online so i havent looked at that. Also the reason for building a wrapper around thermia online was to avoid having to buy anything else and connect to it. So haven’t really planned that.
But since the thermia online service feels like its built in the early 90s im not sure if i stick around with it so you never know. If so then it will most likely be a completely different binding

Hi @Christer_Akerlund
sorry for reopening an old thread.

I have a thermia Atec heatpump and have been trying to get it integrated with my fibaro Home Center 2
Could I ask how you managed to get it working with OpenHAB as I may be able to modify your approach to get mine working. I’m just looking to raise and lower the heating setting. At the moment my only control is either locally or with thermia online.
I can’t get past the login page - If I login manually I can retrieve the json

any suggestions or help would be appreciated


Hi @Christer_Akerlund , a really old thread, but trying any way…

Recently bought a Thermia heatpump with thermia on line service.

I had my old heating system connected to OpenHab, and it would be nice to try your addon.


Hi Christer

My goal is also to increase the Thermia heatpump efficiency by including various parameters like indoor temperature, weather forecast, thermal model of the house etc. You mentioned being able to set the indoor temperature at Thermia heatpumps. I suppose I might have used a wrong register number as I can set various registers directly, but did not manage to set the indoor temperature (probably my used register r01 is read-only). Do you have a complete register description for the Thermia heatpumps (Diplomat Optimum)?

I appreciate any suggestions or help.
Thanks in advance

Hello. I have Thermia Diplomat G3 with online module. Did anyone get it to work with openhab?

I got Thermia (a big one with 80 kW heat output) to connect and it looks it has an option to connect via Modbus TCP/RTU. Still figuring out addressing scheme. Will let you know if I will get it working.

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I got an Thermia Calibra 7 and would be interested in an OpenHAB integration too. Especially I would be interested in on/off and manipulation the supply temperature.

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Any progress with this? I’m having two Thermia Calibra Eco 8 heat pumps being installed soon. How can I try this addon?