Thermometer widget

Been searching for a thermometer/hygrometer widget and haven’t found much. I’d like to end up with an item that looks sort of like the image attached. Being able to define the range, the range of what’s blue or yellow/orange/red would be nice. Right now I’m using a couple of oh-gauge-cards, but would like to style it as a thermometer/hygrometer if such a widget exists.

I have not seen such a widget in the forums that I recall, but it is certainly feasible.

One quick(er) option would be to just have the static background and use CSS based on item states to rotate pictures of the indicator arrows. This would not, of course, allow you to dynamically define ranges.

For full control of ranges you would have to use the echarts system or build your own svg image which would both take quite a bit of R&D I would think.

Yeah, most of that is beyond my skill set. Hoping someone that knows all that stuff has already done the dev work.

I found this earlier today…

Can’t get both values in one widget but I am getting nice looking gauges with a few tweaks.