Thermostat and 2 channel receiver guide?


I just want a battery operated thermostat and a wired 2 channel receiver that pops onto the standard backplate controlling hot water and heating. I’d like to control the Receiver by either switching Hot Water on or off, and the control the stat by setting a temperature, Simple enough.

Searching the community, I see 50+ results but none actually a project or DIY guide walkthrough. Surely this question has been asked before and answered , but I cannot find a guide or working setup.

Then I turned to Add-Ons and there are hundreds but nothing to walk you through the process.

I saw one post regarding "the Heatmiser stat and receiver integration and the member said he would upload it for the community - where?

Where do I look?

Thank you

Where are you located? Standards and device availability vary by world region.
What version of openHAB are you running?

Hi, forgive me.
yes, sorry…

I have yet to install OH , been looking at other systems and asking the same question… this far with little success, so either i am asking an annoying question or maybe I’m too dumb for those communities. I remain polite and ready to be educated!

thankyou for helping

@chris any suggestions?

I am in the US but Chris is in the UK and knows the smart home situation there quite well.

ah, ok, but hey thankyou for trying,
who is chris?

The @ in front of the name chris will give him a notification (notice it’s grey) that his name has been mentioned in a post. This should result in him joining the topic to assist.

If you have time send a message to disco bot and take the forum tutorial. It will help with using this forum and getting faster answers to issues.:wink:

To access disco bot:
Just send @discobot a private message with one of the following lines as content. @discobot display help. @discobot start new user @discobot start advanced user

BTW, Welcome to the community!

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all i seek is just a simple working example of a setup where I have a thermostat that communicates wirelessly to a 2 channel receiver where the recivwr is a straight replacement for the non smart 7day programmer on most kitchen walls,!

You can use a zwave module like fibaro double relay, or the secure zwave thermostat with relay.
I use the first to control my heater and valves.

I’ve just started making my own WiFi thermostats to run alongside my standard wall thermostat using sonoff basics and a dht11, it costs around £8 and works like a nest system.

Let me know if this is something you’re after and I’ll share my setup with you.

Btw most heating systems are 240v before you start tinkering turn the eleccy off.

perfect, perfect, exactly the response needed
Thank you so much Sir

I’ll search the forums for a compatible zw controller for my raspberry pi

Aeotec usb stick is a very good one. Very happy with it.

just buy a dht11 (ebay £1), sonoff basic (ebay £5) and a room sensor enclosure ( RS components (£3.50)

the most expensive part is your time learning openhab and mqtt. Once you get you head around that the world is your oyster.