Thermostat feedback

Hi All,

I’ve read through some of the various threads on thermostat recommendations, but many of these discussions are from a few years back.

I’ve finally convinced my partner that a hydronic system with electric heat pump is a great idea for our upcoming extension - now comes my research for a suitable thermostat.

I’m interested to hear people’s feedback on what they’ve already got. My priorities are:

  • Local API - if internet’s out and openHAB is expecting me home in 2 hours, I still want the home to heat up!
  • Trust - I’m afraid I don’t trust anything made by Google to not have the rug pulled out from under me in the future
  • Manual control - if I’ve done something silly with rules and broken openHAB there’ll be a crime scene at my home if we can’t still operate the heating
  • Stability - is the binding stable? Still under active development?

From everything I’ve read so far, my short list comes to two:

  • Venstar - looks great on the wall, appears to have Local API, and (somewhat old) threads I’ve read here suggest a positive experience
  • Ecobee - no Local API from what I can tell, but seems to tick other boxes, also looks cool on the wall

I’m keen to hear about people’s experiences with these two in particular, but if there are others I’ve missed I’ll check them out as well.

I’ve read a little about HestiaPi, but that seems less “mainstream”. If I’m mistaken on that, happy to stand corrected :slight_smile:


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