Thermostat for subfloor heating in North America

I am looking for a thermostat that connects to subfloor temeraure sensor +feeds from 240V, +zwave support
Something similar th the Heat-It (seems to be only for Europe)


It’s unclear what you actually mean by ‘thermostat’.
For subfloor heating, the ‘thermostat’ consists of two components.
One is rather just a thermometer, plus eventually an input+display device. That’s what the Heat-It does.
But you’ll also need the other component which is the valve control unit(s) - which is usually located in a different room.
I believe for most people to use OH to run their subfloor heating, their subfloor valves are connected to a OH-controlled relay, and some OH scripts take care of controlling it. The input values can be taken from any OH-connected temperature sensor (such as those to exist in zwave motion detectors). For the purpose of input+display, you can use the OH GUI on your smartphone.

If you deploy generic zwave relays for valve control anyway, you could use the Qubino one, they also have another input to attach a 1-wire temperature sensor.