Thermostat issues tbz48

Openhab version 2.5m4
Hardware Samsung xe700t1a i5 2nd gen 4gb ram

Thermostat rcs tbz48

Since updating to m4 this thermostat has been a headache.
First, it would refuse to work until I edited my item file to include the uom tag (:Temperature) to the items.
Once that was done and I rebooted I found that my region settings had been reset so I had to reset that.
Once that was fixed I’m now back to the issue I had before where google home will not show anything if the uom tag is in the file.
So currently I can use the thermostat thru openhab paperui but not thru google home app or voice command (the two ways my wife uses the smart home)

picture of how my home app looks:

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

edit: after running another “sync my devices” the voice commands work but the app still does not.
edit2: voice commands cannot give me the current setting or the current temp inside the house it just responds that “house heating is set to heat, house cooling is set to heat” or says “sorry I don’t understand”
screenshot of my item file:

Just bumping this as I have not found a fix.

Mods if this needs to be moved to another section please do.