Thermostat Power Option from Google Assistant

Hey everyone, I’m trying to get my AC controls on GA using Openhab and the only way I’ve found to control Power is by setting a thermostat mode for On or Off, but this ends up confusing GA a bit sometimes since it doesn’t really want modes to be used that way.

I have a Sensibo and decided to sync it to see how it was displayed via a Nest Hub and it had an extra section called Controls with a Switch called Power.

I can’t figure out how to add this Power Switch from the OH GA documentation nor from the GA Thermostat documentation either.

Does anyone know how do to this or if it’s even possible to do with the current implementation of OH GA? If someone understand how to do this from the GA side, I may be able to make a PR to support it.


I have a GA thermostat that’s essentially a temperature sensor and a rule to turn my fireplace and air conditoner on or off (depending on the temperature). I use the four default modes: on, heat, cool, and off. If it’s switched to on, then the rule resets it to be heat or cool based on current temperature conditions.

Google and openHAB are always in sync for me, so I’m not sure what you mean about GA getting confused. Can you describe that in more detail?

You’d probably just have to request for the “air conditioner” trait to be added to the Google Assistant action in openHAB. Once it’s implemented in myopenHAB, it becomes available to everyone immediately.

Ah yeah, this is likely because of my implementation. GA doesn’t really show the on mode, and since my system doesn’t really have the cool mode, I have to set cool=ON,on=ON and this causes Google Home to shift to “other” whenever I turn it on. I tried just having off=OFF, cool=ON and it works, but for some reason Google Home is not able to load my temperature info while in this cool mode, but it can while it’s in off mode.

Honestly I didn’t know there was an AC trait. I’ll look it up and may be able to submit a PR.

I think I ran into this too, which is partly why I stuck with the default modes and just set up a rule to change ON to one of the states I want. By sending a command, I’m avoiding the “other” confusion. It’s easier in your case, since you just need to always change to cool.

My workaround may also solve this problem.

To be clear, I don’t know for sure that there’s an AC trait. I’m going on the fact that you were able to add your Sensibo AC directly to GA. That means there has to be a trait that Sensibo used to recognize it.

I think so, I may give this a try, but I’m currently trying to make a quick and hopefully not dirty PR to get some feedback.

Well you nailed it! Actions on Google Smart Home  |  Google Developers