Thermostat SRT 321 is unknown after upgrade to 3.2


I have problem with Thermostat SRT 321 after upgrading to OH 3.2.
In OH 3.1 and also in 2.5.12 was not problem with it.
In list of things is as Z-Wave Node 068 (0059:0001:0005:1.0)
Any idea?



The database entry was modified:

Whoever made the modifications should request a review. After approval and after installation of the latest Z-Wave snapshot the device should be recognized again.

Hi, I have this problem also.
The combination SRT 321 and SSR 303 both are not recognized anymore.
OH lateste stable build. Installed a few days ago.
All the best!

Could you ask the user who changed the database entries (SRT321 (0059:0001:0005) and SRT323 (0059:0001:0004)) to request a review?

I can’t do this - no. This device has not been edited since 2019 so hasn’t changed since we moved to the new database - it means these devices are not so common as they won’t have been in the binding for over 2 years :wink: .

I will push these out shortly though.

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