Thermostatic radiator valve in the U.S

I apologise if this is the wrong place to post this but I have a boiler system in my house and would like to put thermostatic radiator valves on all the cast iron radiators. I’d prefer zwave but at this point anything is great. Does anyone know of any valves for here in the us? everything I find seems to be for Europe. Tado seems nice but super expensive. Anyone out there have a boiler system in the us and have a solution?

Is your system hot water or steam?

I’m kind of in the same situation, would like TRVs but being in my neck of the woods, radiators aren’t all that popular, so there are no zwave devices. I have actually been looking at some zigbee devices and will use zigbee2mqtt to get values from them.

They seem to be about $30-$40 usb per valve. I’ve not pulled the trigger yet though.

Hot water

Do you have a link to the devices you are talking about?

These are the ones I’m looking at:

I think…I haven’t confuirmed by doing it, but I believe it shows up in the zigbee2mqtt supported devices, so they can be used with that, rather than getting a manufacturers hub (with who knows what phoning home).

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They look very promising - pretty much identical to this supported device:

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Looks like I finally have a reason to try mqtt. I think I will definitely try to use these thank you for the suggestion. If you do get them to work let me know I’m new to all of this and probably will take me a while to set up mqtt and get them connected properly.

It shouldn’t be too tricky. I recently helped someone else setup openHAB for zigbee2mqtt via the MQTT binding, and (via a detour regarding openHAB’s in built MQTT broker: just install Mosquitto!) at the end of that thread they also added a TRV!