Thermostatic valve setpoint issues under OH3

Hello Community,
Is anyone having problems with the Eurotronic Thermo Valve under OH3?
Everything was perfectly fine under OH2. I added it cleanly again in OH3.
I can adjust the Set Point from OpenHAB and the valve responds. However, when I adjust the set point LOCALLY on the valve, OpenHAB doesn’t register this change. Thus OH and the valve are out of sync.
The valve is reporting the room temperature, the heating Mode and battery level correctly to the OH controller. It is notable that LOCALLY changing the heat mode OFF/ON is seen by OH yet locally changing the Setpoint is not seen by OH.
Is there a bug in the binding? Hope someone else has encountered this and found a work-around.

Hi, anyone anywhere having issues with any z wave thermostatic valves (besides the Eurotronic) that might shed some light on this issue? Thanks in advance

I have no issues with my Eurotronic Spirit valves. Changes done locally at the valve are reflected in OH. I’m running OH3.0

Hi Stefan, thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face: Good that there’s no binding/OH3 issue at least.
Would you be able to post or outline your ‘thing’ and ‘item’ settings in case I’m doing something stupid… :crazy_face: thank you

In the case of “it was working before I updated!” and you are sure device settings have not changed…
A reminder that the zwave binding uses a database of device properties to create Things. As that database is updated, existing Things are not. They might not work in all or in part.
Deleting and creating a new Thing picks up new properties. Care with using same name allows new Thing to link to re-link to existing Items etc.

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Hi Ross, I see your point and will give that a try.
Just to clarify, I use an Aeotec z wave stick so all my devices already reside on it. Thus, by ‘deleting’ this particular thing (Thermo valve) do you mean ONLY deleting the Thing in the OH listing of Things and re-adding it as opposed to actually excluding/re including the z-wave thing using the stick?

Yep. If it’s the issue, it’s just internal to OH. You might find a channel disappears, a new one appears, or type changes e.g. number to number:temperature

Hi Ross, that has worked thank you. I unlinked each item–channel, then deleted the Thing in the listing, then scanned again under z wave and re-added the Valve. I kept the original Items and just re-linked the channels back to the existing items. So I didn’t do any z wave exclusions-inclusions.
However one small new change was that I changed the representation of the setpoint in the metadata widget card from Stepper to Slider and re entered the valve recommended limits of 8 to 28 deg.


Seems my config data is not needed anymore :wink:
Good to see it works now for you.

Hi Stefan, well I’m still curious what metadata/card display you chose to interact with the setpoint values. :thinking:

Hi Denis, my setup is still based on files, except for the thing definitions. Which means for GUI I am using sitemaps and not GUI configurations in MainUI.