Thing added via Rest API, set editable=false --> can't delete

Hi everyone,

I’ve might done something stupid:
While testing with the Rest api, I’ve added a thing that can’t be edited (editable=false) and therefore not deleted by neither the PaperUI, the Rest Api nor the Karaf console.

This happened because I was reading all my things (via rest) and picked one defined by a file (which has editable=false) and used that for testing. Then I’ve changed the uid to testing before posting it.

What I’ve tried:
Rest: put and update editable flag
Rest delete /thing
Karaf openhab:things thingid remove

The responses are:
Paper UI: Note: this thing is not editable because it has been provisioned from a file. (btw. thats wrong)
Rest Api: “error”: {
“message”: “Cannot update Thing knx:device:bridge:testing as it is not editable.”,
“http-code”: 409
Karaf: Could not delete thing knx:device:bridge:testing.

Is there another way to delete it?
(I could live with it, or rollback to an backup from yesterday - but I’d really like to understand the problem)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPI4 (4 GB)
    • OS: openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment:
      openjdk version “11.0.13” 2021-10-19 LTS
      OpenJDK Runtime Environment Zulu11.52+13-CA (build 11.0.13+8-LTS)
      OpenJDK Client VM Zulu11.52+13-CA (build 11.0.13+8-LTS, mixed mode)
    • openHAB version: 3.4.4 (might update on the weekend)

What about:

  1. Stop openhab
  2. Modify jsondb and delete the thing manually
  3. Start openhab


Thanks for the hint.
I need to try that on the weekend, if I can figure out how to that :wink:
For anyone with the same problem, as per @Matze0211

  1. Stop openhab using:
sudo systemctl stop openhab.service

(also did a systemctl daemon-reload since there was a warning)

  1. open shared folder / file
\\<ip of my openhabianpi>\openHAB-userdata\jsondb\org.openhab.core.thing.Thing.json

and remove that thing

  1. start openhab again using
sudo systemctl start openhab.service