Thing Location

hey guys,

I recently installed the OH2 AVMFritz Binding. I now wanted to change the config through Habmin. But if I press safe and reopen the config it doesn’t change anything. Whats the file location of the thing definitions if defined through Habmin? And with the new folder structure is there anything i need to define with a file? Sitemaps I guess, but anything else?

Thank you for your help.

HABmin saves data through the REST interface - same as PaperUI. This is in course saved by the system in whatever storage the system uses - either the MapDB or JsonDB depending on your version of OH2. These databases are stored in the userdata folder.

If you are defining items in the DSL (ie items files) then you can’t edit them with the UIs.

Ok thank you. I now looked at the json file and entered the password and https. But unfortunately it isn’t showing up in the paper ui. Is it a known bug?

If you manually edit the file, then you will need to restart OH for the changes to take effect - the files are only read from disk on startup.

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