Thing Status Reporting [3.2.0;3.4.9]

I am a little lax on the rules but please do keep in mind the rules for marketplace postings. The discussion thread should be strictly about the top post. It’s not a place to post alternative implementations unless they are suggestions to merge with the original post.

The marketplace isn’t like other sections of the forum. These are not tutorials. These are published artifacts visible from and installable from MainUI directly. The threads should remain very on topic to avoid confusion and to keep them from becoming too long to manage.

Finally, as with all of my rule templates, this one has been rewritten in ECMAScript 2021 for OH 4. See Thing Status Reporting [; The capabilities of the rule have also improved.

  • the rule now triggers on all Thing events instead of polling
  • it passes the thing ID, old status, old detail, new status, and new detail, and the actual Thing Object to the called rule instead of a collection of all the Things that are in the given state