Things: Channel Description won't save

using 3.1.0-release build and KNX2 binding.

If I type in “description” in “Code” - it won’t be saved if I change/add something later on. If I create channels within “Code” the description is set. Is this a known bug?

To reproduce:

  1. create channels within “Code” and add “description” in quotation marks
  2. update a channel within “Code” - with or without quotation marks
  3. updated description is not saved at the channel


  - id: KiZiOstJalousie
    channelTypeUID: knx:rollershutter
    label: KiZi Ost Jalousie
    description: "Ausgang 7/8"
      upDown: 4/2/0
      stopMove: 4/2/1
      position: 4/2/2+<4/2/6
  - id: KiZiOstLamellen
    channelTypeUID: knx:rollershutter
    label: KiZi Ost Lamellen
    description: Ausgang 7/8
      position: 4/2/3+<4/2/7

funny thing: while creating a channel, I used the quotation marks, reading out they’re gone. If I save the empty description (can come with “” or just Null), it won’t be saved, as seen here:

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I know this topic is old, but let me add that even though this behavior occurs also in OpenHAB 4.0.1,
there is a simple workaround. The description field can be entered by using “Configure Channel”
from the UI: the string entered there is written in the code tab, while the opposite is not true.
Note that the description field was missing in “Configure channel” in OpenHAB3.4.