Things, Channel, Items ... Everything the right way?


switched from OH1 to OH2 (newest snapshot).

.items are set manuell:
Switch Sensor_Bewegung_Flur “PIR-Flur” {channel=“zwave:device:153dc43a57a:node4:sensor_binary”}
Switch Sensor_Alarm_Flur “Alarm Flur” {channel=“zwave:device:153dc43a57a:node4:alarm_general”}

If i’am adding the Things with PaperUI or starting the OH2 server the links are generated automatically. Thats exactly what i wanted.

[openhab]> smarthome:links
Sensor_Bewegung_Flur -> zwave:device:153dc43a57a:node4:sensor_binary
Sensor_Alarm_Flur -> zwave:device:153dc43a57a:node4:alarm_general

But the Thing itself (without channel information) is generating a link as well:
zwave_device_153dc43a57a_node4 -> zwave:device:153dc43a57a:node4

Is this necessary or the right way it should be? Maybe it’s better to make an .item for that without using it anyway in rules or sitemap? But whats the benefit about that? In my opinion i don’t need any link to the device itself.

BTW: Everything is working fine as it is!