Things config doc not found

I started to use OpenHAB2. Trying to get to know more about e.g. things I looked into the Readme file in the corresponding directory.

The link there returns a “File not found 404”.

The “services” link is also not found .


Could you please share the link of the page where you have found those broken links?

I installed the last snapshot of openHAB 2.

In the conf directories and there in each subdirectory like thinks, items … are readme files. There i found these broken links.

E.g.: /opt/openhab2/conf/things/readme.txt


’ >.<

Thanks Helmut. I’ll correct these soon.
For more details about Things have a look at this article and then you just need to follow the individual binding/addon documentation on what to configure there: Here’s the Astro binding as an example:

Please have a look at the Migration Tutorial to understand a few concepts on how to continue from here on out.

This also touches on an issue which I face as well. I have OpenHAB up and running version 2.0 latest online Snapshot. The environment basically features some Fibaro Z-Wave items. In the Paper UI everything is up and running.

However, I statute to play around and set up the OpenhabDesigner. All samba configuration went fine, but I simply do not figure out which folder to choose. I do not have any confit files in the conf folder and sub folders.

I already searched the forum and FAQ without getting a solution.

Many thanks in advance

You will have to install Eclipse SmartHome Designer (see instead of openHAB Designer for openHAB2.

The config files stay in/etc/openhab2/ if openHAB2 is installed via apt, otherwise if installed manually you should find a conf folder under /opt/opehab2/.

You are seeing the folders such as items, services or things but there are no files inside them? That is the way you can expect it to be. You can create and edit files in this folder but PaperUI will not.

Thanks to both of you. I will try to install Eclipse Designer, I hope that this brings the solution. Because I always got the error message, that the folder did not contain the respective config files.

Yes, like expected I can see the folder but they were empty. I added the respective files but still got the message in terms of the config files.


Hi @Kai & @ThomDietrich (reply regarding broken links on

On, the (several) links to are not working (404). I think they should link to (or maybe a future configuration section?)

Ps: On OH2 build #500, the “readme.txt” files in the various config folders still contain URLs to the missing (404) pages :slight_smile:

Hello @Dim,
I deliberately chose to set this link as the docs menu structure was supposed to receive an update, moving items.html to configuration. Sadly, I did not find the time (or the health looking the last few days -.-) to do these changes in short term.

Please give me a few more days to straighten everything…

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No worries (and get well !)
I will also try to contribute to the online documentation also (as much as I can)

I installed the Eclipse Smart Home Designer. But if I choose the Folder /etc/openhab2 in the upper left than I only get to see some items in the lower left, e.g. Light_C_Corridor_Ceiling. If I select the subfolder, e.g. Items, I see the items file and i am able to edit. However, I would have expected that the Designer shows up the full list in the configurations frame of the designer, i.e. items, scripts, sitemaps. At least such a structure is shown in the FAQ/ getting started information.

Best regards,

I found a solution, you simply needed to define a drive letter within Windows. Without drive letter, even if a full network configuration was established and confidured, the folders in the SmartHome Designer did not show up properly.