Things DB is missing new device; how to add is dead link

Updated to 3.4 and added two new things. These are (still) unknown in my OpenHAB Zwave binding.

[NODE 13: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 0460:0002:0081::10.27]

Device is:

It is indeed not listed in:

At the bottom of the page is a link:
For information on adding devices to the database, refer to the database information page.

Cannot render Not Found

How to continue?

Found The git repo and shelly wave2pm, added september 5th:

How do I know which version/commit of zwave is part of the OpenHAB release?
A quick look at the release-notes did not reveal any

Updated to Mileston 4.1.
This build includes the Shelly devices.

Would be nice to see version nrs of the bindings easily, and the corresponding git-repos are tagged as well.

You already can. When installing openHAB 4.1M1 or M2, all Bindings coming with that version have that version number.
For Bindings from outside the distribution , you can check version numbers by entering


in openHABs console.

With all due respect (and I could be missing a shortcut) it is a little more complicated. The label 4.1Mx (or whatever) is added when the release job is compiled. The Zwave bindings are all labeled 4.1 Snapshots. To find what changes (primarily database updates at this point) are included go to the Jenkins dashboard, click on the release job, then click on Changes.

Then look for the zwave updates.
m2 changes 2023-10-15 132048

or for M1

From this history you can cross reference what Zwave PR was included in what release job. For instance the Shelly device was included in M1

sorry but I am a newer user. I have the shelly wave 2 PM that is unknown device at the moment. When the zwave offical distribution will be update to include that?
Thank you for your support,

As noted above the device is in OH4.1 Milestones (testing).