Things JsonDB convert to text configuration

I found that using the LG WEBOS binding when I try to power on the TV’s with a WOL command the systems creates INBOX things with new UIDs and I can’t use the item definitions I had. Is there a way to stop the discovery. I was also trying then to create an Things text file with the definitions I found in the things.jsondb but it contains a lot of fields (class, value, kind, properties) that are not part of text configuration. Is there a mapping of json to text config for the things file. what can you suggest as a work around or is there an example anyone can provide on how to configure the TV’s.

Many OH2 bindings are designed to have Things created by discovery into the JsonDB rather than a things file.
Zwave is one popular binding that does that. It makes configuration easier & less error-prone. You can then make Items to only reference the channels you with to use.

OK, but is it normal that every time the TV’s are turned on via an WOL, they are added with new UIDs to the inbox.

Not likely. What binding?

LG webOS Binding

This looks like a good support thread for that.