Things "netatmo:plug" in unknown state since upgrade OH 4.0


Since I upgraded to version 4.0 of OH, I have a problem with Netatmo. For the Welcom camera everything is fine, but for the Thermostat, the Things “netatmo:plug” remains at UNKNOWN. I have the following messages:
2023-11-18 11:35:33.818 [DEBUG] [tatmo.internal.handler.DeviceHandler] - Initializing handler for bridge netatmo:plug:e9dd9122ce:5971b81c69f74006578b4b92:70ee500a54c0
2023-11-18 11:35:33.850 [DEBUG] [tatmo.internal.handler.ModuleHandler] - Initializing handler for thing netatmo:thermostat:e9dd9122ce:5971b81c69f74006578b4b92:70ee500a54c0:0400000a3946

I tried to follow the documentation by creating a new token, as I did in version 3.5, but it does not work.
The “netatmo:account” bridge is ONLINE. The “netatmo:home” thing is ONLINE. But all the “netatmo:plug” linked to the “netatmo:home” thing are UNKNOWN.

Is this a bug in 4.0 and should we wait for the next stable version?


To do tests, I created 2 docker OH:

  • Version 4.1
  • Version 3.4

The Netatmo bind only works on version 3.4. The information from the thermostat and the relay comes back well as well as the “netatmo:person” things from the Welcome camera.

So, since version 4.0, the Netatmo binding no longer works.

Does this work for anyone else?