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Hi, I am new to this and exploring a chance to setup openHAB for my learning purpose. I am wondering after seeing some of demo videos, if OpenHAB can automatically discover new things (however supported things), if my neighbour too uses openHAB what are the chances of my home things getting discovered by them. Do we have any security mechanism on accessing the things over credentials… I tried for some kind of documentation on this, but not able to find… Can someone guide me on this… Thanks in advance…

I assume that you and your neighbour are not on the same LAN? If so, you have other issues!
The discovery only happens in the IP range of your OpenHAB instance. It’s a good idea to secure the (V)LAN your openhab server (en devices) are in.

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Chances are slim to none. If you are working with WiFi or wired ethernet devices, only those devices that are on the same network can be discovered. If you are dealing with wireless protocols like Zwave of Zigbee, you need to perform some physical action to join the device with your network. Someone with a sniffer may be able to see that your devices exist, but they won’t be able to control or see what they are reporting (I’m ignoring any bugs or vulnerabilities that might exists in the technologies). If you are using a wired technology like KNX, then someone needs physical access to the devices or the wires to discover or use those devices.


On LAN I can understand the restrictions… what about bluetooth devices…

might be on pairing… ok… let me play around… Thanks for your inputs…

Keep in mind that there is not real good support for BT in openHAB.